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Stevenson is the head of our H.R. (Human Resources) department. He helps all the new employees into our company so they can be ready for a great career at News 101. Stevenson is an avid swimmer and loves playing jokes on the other emloyees. Even though he does not have arms or legs he does not let that get in the way of his dreams and job. He is commonly described a a beacon of light for all the employees to follow.


Edward is the Chief Editor here at News 101. He makes sure that all of our content is error free and keeps the reader entwined in the story. He also fact checks everything to make sure it is correct and does not have any bias (because he is a plant). He enjoys sunbathing at the local lake. Even though he is a plant he does yoga and competitive marching band. Even though he does not have arms he does not let that get in the way of his job and his hobbies. He also loves spending time combing his glorious moustache.


Linda is our "head" reporter. She goes out into the public eye to interview people and get the news you want. Linda is not afraid to go out into the public to get any information that the viewers might want. She loves taking time to drink coffe at the local coffe shop. Being a reporter she also spends a lot of time at the water cooler disscussing the chatter and gossip about all the other employees.


Barney is a potatoe. He cannot do much but he is the head of our webpage and its design. He can't do much otherwise. He really needs glasses but no doctor will take a potatoe.