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This Drone race is going to go through the center of town. The race will continue down main street. They will take a left turn up regular street. Then they will go down and around the the turn into fountain boulevard, then coming backto the main fountain for the first lap. The race will be about 30 minutes long each lap lasting only lasting two minutes. The competitors will wear virtual reality goggles so as to see from the drone's perspective. This will also allow the pilot to easily direct the drone.


Reporter Rob: Reporter Rob here for duty giving you the top interviews. Today I am interviewing one of the drone pilots Peter. So peter how long have you been a drone pilot?
Peter: Well I have been piloting drones now for a good two years.
Rob: Well I'll be two years so you could be considered a pro now?
Peter: You could say that.
Rob: How do you enjoy piloting drones?
Peter: I enjoy the thrill of driving the drone and feeling like you are really driving the drone. Like you are a tiny pilot inside.
Rob: Sounds interesting well good luck in the race.
Peter: Thank you very much.
Rob: Well Folks there you have drone racer Peter and this is Reporter Rob signing off.

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